Indian Mirror Please?

Calling all people who want an Indian Mirror for Tom's hardware


This is from

We are in the top three countries that visit Tom's harware

we have almost 7% of the sites traffic, and more people are coming here

Tom's can also beneift from this because due to the outsourcing in our modern day world, there are more software developments in India and China, but India mostly, this way tom's might get wind of new software or technology before it hits the market, allowing this site to be even more popular and credible.

Hope the admins agree with this :)
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  1. /support
  2. Yay

    hey can you paste this in you sig?
  3. I say why not get an India mirror site!! If you call for tech support for Tom's website, it is probably being outsourced to India anyways... (Sorry :( To easy of a crack to pass up here in the States :D )
  4. hahah no problem

    and can you copy and paste the code in you r sig with the provided changes?
  5. Seconded.......... I am from India and have been visiting this site for 4 5 years now....
  6. can you copy and paste the code in your sig?
  7. o o o o i m here from INDIA
  8. please put the code in your sig
  9. Hey Upendra, I would suggest you to not repeat after every post. Who really wants to put the flag in the signature will put it anyways.
  10. And don't post in other threads just telling people to add it to their sig, that's called spam ;)
  11. hahah no

    first of all that spam vid is wicked old and yeah in know but i WANT PEOPLE TO PUT IT IN THEIR SIG

    this way my plan to have the indian mirror eat the aussie mirror will work faster
  12. Umm...Upendra I need help bro...
    What to paste in the siggy(Sorry I'm not getting it)?

    But I support the cause :)
  13. Right click his sig and select copy image location, then just paste it inbetween .

    like so
  14. or go to my second post and copy and paste the code it into your sig box
  15. strangestranger is in Asian?

    never knew that

  16. Yeppie!
  17. sweet now more people should add it to

    and we need to have everyone be involved in as many sections as possible
  18. You should probably PM jpishgar about this rather than just having pictures in your sig.
  19. orly? fine then

    just thought this way more people can join the cause and then the admins would have to do something but if you want to go all the way back to the private table i will Random

    probably have cats waiting to ambush me anyway:P
  20. The admins don't have to do anything. They can just block your sigs if they want anyway ;)
  21. they just did

    or the site did

    i keep having to re enable it
  22. Hmm, how does your sig show up in some of your posts (the old ones) but not the new ones. Interesting
  23. yeah it is pretty weird

    and i have to re enable it every month
  24. ^I hope that doesn't happen with me ;)
  25. me too

    excuse me while i re enable the banner
  26. Make sure the option in your profile page is checked. Mine once was "forcibly" unchecked as well.
  27. is it working?
  28. YES
  29. lets go people!!!!!! recruit!!!!!!!!
  30. so the aussies got there mirror after about 75 pages.....

    it's our turn now
  31. We have a mirror? News to me.
  32. nvm, i mistook the UK one for the Aussie

    but jpishgar said he made a mirror
  33. yeah

    the community manager put it in.........uhhhhhhhh jpishgar that is his name

    it is up in the country bar^^
  34. I think he said he was going to ask about it. There's no guarantee.
  35. Correct, I certainly did ask about it. It takes considerably more than a request thread to institute a country mirror. I'll be the first to let you know if and when we will be hosting an Indian mirror of Tom's. This thread would be my first stop. :)
  36. Thanks, that is good to hear.
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