PFN_List_corrupt please help BSOD

Ive done memory check ive tried uninstalling drivers(which fails by the way it says windows installer is not available).

I can load up safe mode with no issues whatsoever, when ever i try run windows normally it BSODs and gives me an error that states.

Please help ive been trying for a week no dice....

Video Card Ati Radeon HD6870
Motherboard ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 AM3
anything else you need to help just ask please...
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  1. dag crickets? huh?
  2. Don't self bump......especially after an hour.........more especially after an hour on the day after Christmas.

    This is what I could find.

    So it is either bad RAM or a bad driver. Have you run memtest on each individual stick of RAM or did you just run the Windows memory checker?
    Run memtest. If you rule out bad memory then try a startup repair.

    You did not mention if the error just started on it's own or after a hardware or software change.
  3. I just Ran Windows memory checker...
    im pretty sure its a driver, before this issue i would have my computer crash when it came back from sleep mode.
    so i updated the driver from ATI thats when this nightmare began i would use system restore but i dont have a restore point from that time period.

    sorry about the self bump im uber irritated and frustrated.
    ive uninstalled the drivers, when i go to reinstall it says cannot load detection driver....

  4. Did you try a repair install as is described in the second link I posted?
  5. yeah didnt work either
  6. Run memtest on your RAM. It's a pain but that will rule out one of the known causes of that error. Other than that I am thinking maybe a reformat and clean Windows install.

    Any hardware changes before the errors started?
  7. a driver update was the only change that caused this mayhem...
  8. Quote:
    im pretty sure its a driver, before this issue i would have my computer crash when it came back from sleep mode.

    The only reason I asked about hardware changes was that comment. That is not normal and can be caused by bad RAM or even a bad video card. It also could be a power supply going bad. The error message makes me doubt that though.

    a driver update was the only change that caused this mayhem...

    So that is not necessarily the case.....if it was already crashing when it resumed from sleep mode.

    Have you tried a program like Revo Uninstaller to get rid of the driver? I have not used it in years but it is worth a shot. If that works I would also run Driver Sweeper while still in safe mode to make sure you get all the bad registry entries.

    One last thing would be to go to Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager and uninstall the graphics card by right clicking on it.

    If all that still does not work the only thing I have left to recommend to reformat C: and reinstall Windows.
  9. sigh ive tried all of this so the next step is to lose all of my effing data huh?
  10. If you can boot into safe mode there is no reason to lose data. Burn it to a CD/DVD or copy it to a thumb drive or external drive. Windows 7 installs are actually quite painless compared to XP and older.
    A pain....yes. But nothing like a fresh install for speed and stability.
  11. man ive tried transfering it to my slave drive but it freezes in safe mode.
    who the heck ever heard of that mann smh.
  12. so i reformated and reinstalled windows... yet the system is still freezing...smh
    its not bsod'ing but its freezin now wtf..
  13. Can u reset the BIOS?
  14. Also, try to run the system with one RAM stick only. If it still causing the problems, put the stick in another slot and so on.
  15. Also, what is your PSU model + Watts?
  16. Sounding like bad of the known causes of your orignal error.....or a bad power supply. Run memtest like I orignally recommended.
  17. Thanks for the options guys ill run all of these test in order and ill let you know how it goes.
  18. Good luck!
  19. I replaced all of my ram so far so good but the pcs running a little sluggish though.
  20. Did you run memtest on the old RAM and get errors? Does the new RAM show up in BIOS as the correct speed and timings?
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