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Saints row 3 fps issue

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December 10, 2012 3:34:02 PM

Not sure where im meant to post this, I downloaded saints row 3 of steam and im having serious fps issues like 5-10 fps.My pc should be able to run it without any trouble. I was looking on other forums and some people said about updating my BIOS but i dont want to do it because Its risky even if done perfectly so im just wondering has anybody else encountered this problem,if so how did you fix it ?

any help is greatly appreciated! thanks :) 

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a b V Motherboard
December 10, 2012 4:24:53 PM

Well what are your specs? I have it maxed at 1920x1080 and my 3570k/7870 are dipping down to 30 fps.
December 10, 2012 4:58:07 PM

AMD FX100 3.6ghz
8gb ram
radeon hd 6570
i know gpu isnt great but it should still be able to run it its the first game ive had real problems with

thanks for the help
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December 10, 2012 5:02:14 PM

Updating your BIOS, not a big deal. If worried print out the instructions that come with the update file.

Here is a good site to pre-check any potential game issues:

Pick your game, set it scan your systems and it gives you a decent report of will the game run and where the weak components are.
December 10, 2012 5:18:06 PM

my system is about half a millimetre away from the highest possible score so?
a b V Motherboard
December 10, 2012 5:19:30 PM

It's the 6570. That is a WEAK graphics card. Do not use systemrequirementslab. They will tell you that you can run a game when you can't and vice versa.
December 10, 2012 5:26:05 PM

any other website i can use? so you think I just cant run it? i can run games like skyrim good enough.I seen loads o fpeople on forums who had the same problem and with way more powerful pcs
a b V Motherboard
December 11, 2012 9:38:50 AM

My suggestion is to look up benchmarks, if any exist for that game. Skyrim is supposed to be a cpu bound game so maybe that is why it runs ok for you.
December 11, 2012 10:02:02 AM

That game is just poorly optimized for PCs, and is much more CPU dependent

I have a Radeon 7750 and when I max the game out, my GPU temperature stays very low (which tells me the gpu is under mild load, which tells me that it isn't the cause of lag)

That game is definitely one of those games that needs some serious CPU muscle, like GTA IV
December 11, 2012 3:54:51 PM

BL00DYMurd3r the funny thing is I have a good cpu it even lags terribly on the "intro" i think its called, the bit before the main menu (the music stops and starts and so does the video of the intro)
a b V Motherboard
December 11, 2012 4:33:27 PM

That's because of your gpu. Idk if you meant 4100 or 6100, but either one should work fine.
December 11, 2012 5:51:36 PM

really even on the intro!? oh only noticed that now its a FX4100