P7P55D-E LX and Sata 6gbps?

Just hideously confused here about whether the P7P55D-E LX supports Sata 3.0 speeds without turning the PCI-E 16x into a 8x. There's the IO Level up feature that supposedly boosts the speeds from Sata 2 to Sata 3 speeds at the expense of PCI-E bandwidth. But I do realize that the motherboard also has a stand alone Marvell controller that supposedly supports Sata 3.0 speeds but what I am unsure is whether it is also affected by IO Level Up.

I guess my questions is can I use my SSD on the Marvell ports and still keep x16 on my PCI-E? If I can't...then I guess it's time for a system overhaul, new mobo and CPU >.<
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  1. Yes, you can. But the marvell SATAIII ports don't like the real SATAIII, if you use it for SSD then you only can get the performances like SATAII.

    In real usage you will not feel the difference between them only you can see in the benchmark. And the differences are depend on case by case, I will recommend use the intel SATAII for the SSD if you use SSD. ALso you can do your own benchmark to see which one is better but only compared the 4K read and write speed.
  2. I'm using an Intel X-25M G2 which is only about as fast as Sata2. However, I am thinking of getting the Samsung 840 Pro as well in the near future. That wouldn't be able to run at full speed would it? I've seen no information anywhere that the P7P55D-E LX can support full 6gbps speeds without turning my PCI-E into 8x ):
  3. Anyone? >.<
  4. No, 840 is faster then both port on that motherboard.

    You will find that the3 marvel will not support trim corretlly and will not support full SATAIII speeds. everyone will tell you to use the SSD on the intel port.
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