Creative SB Audigy Live! vs Asus P6T onboard audio

Hi I have a Creative SB Audigy Live! soundcard from a few years back and I popped it into my PC, which already uses the onboard audio from the Asus P6T SE motherboard. Which one of them is best when it comes to sound cards?
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  1. I have Sound Blaster Audigy SE and it is far better than any Onboard sound chip I have used by a long shot. Onboard sound really really really sucks real bad and dont let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise and anything dedicated from Creative is better than onboard sound.
  2. Good to know, thanks. In what way are the Creative cards superior?
  3. ^^ Not really; they are just better then onboard, but their recent offerings haven't been very good. ASUS, Auzentech, and HT Omega are the big three soundcard brands right now.
  4. I would still like to know in which way they are better than onboard.
  5. Higher Signal to Noise ratio, better Digital to Analog converters, better noise isolation, and af ew other features.
  6. cheers
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