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Ok Im Building a computer for this crhistmas and am wondering mostly about the motherboard its a g1 sniper but im not 100% sure if it can fit the intel i7 2600k proccesor on it doesnt support socket 1155 so if theres any other motheroards that are the same or can outpeform the g1 sniper for the same price id be happy. Also one note is that I want a mobo with 6 sticks of ram you can fit.









This is all around $1471 us dollars
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  1. The motherboard you have will not support the i7. You need one with socket type LGA 1155.
    If you have an extra $50 to spend, they came out with the i7 2700K this last week which is 3.5 ghz instead of 3.4 ghz if you are really into speed.
    You do not have RAM listed here and you will want about 8 gb for gaming/editing or 4 gb for less intense things.
    You are also missing a graphics card which you will need if you want to play games or watch any form of media.

    You need to post your budget and purpose of the build before anyone can give you help with graphics or RAM.
  2. You really don't have to spend on this money for an enjoyable experience, also like he said you need a graphics card to play games and watch movies in hd quality. If you have a high budget I would suggest add a high end graphics card like the amd 6970 or nvidia 580. If your budget is more limited get a i5 2500k and an amd 6870 or a nvidia 560 ti. These cpu offer the best performance per dollar. The i7 you listed only offers mariginal gains buts is 50% more expensive, same goes with the graphics cards I originally listed. You can always upgrade latter which is why I don't think they are necessary.
  3. Your mixing 1366 parts (uses triple channel memory - multiples of 3) and 1155 (uses dual channel memory - multiples of 2) parts.

    Case - Great choice

    PSU - It would be a crime not to put a CPX form factor PSU in that case. Antec makes those cases specifically to fit CPX form factor PSU's which run both cooler and quieter than ATX form factor PSU's because of their larger size. In giving it a 10.0 performance rating, jonnyguru writes:

    [The CP-850] is completely unmatched by any ATX unit on the market I can think of. You'd have to spend twice as much as this thing costs to find the next best thing, performance wise.

    Read here about the "unfair competition" offered by the 1200 / CP-850 combo

    The above is an obviously unfair advantage for the CP-850... but what of it? Antec has used an integrated systems approach for its CP-850 and its best cases, and if that approach is an advantage over all other case/PSU combinations, then, all the more power to Antec .... For the quiet-seeking computer gaming enthusiast, the CP-850 (along with any of the three compatible cases) is something of a godsend. Fantastically stable power, super low noise at any power load, long expected reliability due to excellent cooling, modular cabling, and all at a price that's no higher than many high end 6~700W models


    The 850 is good for any pair of GFX cards up to the GTX 570 in SLI / 6970 in CF. There's also a 1000 watt version which I'd use with twin 580's

    $ 150

    MoBo - Im not sure what it was that attracted you about the Sniper.... if it was the x16 x16 GFX card support ..... I'd suggest the Asus WS Revolution .... I can't recall seeing a MoBo so soundly trounce the competition as the WS does to the UD7

    If ya think ya need Z68 ..... I don't see the need but see here to decide:

    Ya wanna get a GEN3 Z68 .... I like the ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

    CPU - Why the 2600k ? .... using apps that need HT like video editing, CAD, rendering etc ? If not the 2500k will save ya 100 bucks while giving same performance and running about 7C cooler when OC'd to 4.8GHz

    Cooler - The 212 is a great budget cooler .... but all other components scream "not a budget system"

    $30 - Hyper 212
    $50 - Scythe Mugen 3 (5-7C better temps than 212
    $80 - Thermalright Silver Arrow (7-10C betetr than 212)

    SSD - Maybe ya wanna move up a tier or 3 (120 GB SSD's srtart at Tier 3 performance). I'd do the Mushkin for a 3 tier performance increase and $5 less,3021-6.html

    Tier 3
    Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 120 GB ($210)
    OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 120 GB ($250)
    Patriot WildFire 120 GB ($205)

    Tier 5
    Intel SSD 510 120 GB ($280)

    Tier 6
    Adata S511 120 GB
    Corsair Force GT 120 GB ($215)
    Crucial m4 128 GB
    Kingston HyperX SSD 120 GB
    OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB

    GFX Card - Ya didn't have any

    Guru3D uses the following games in their test suite, COD-MW, Bad Company 2, Dirt 2, Far Cry 2, Metro 2033, Dawn of Discovery, Crysis Warhead. Total fps (summing fps in each game @ 1920 x 1200) for the various options in parenthesis (single card / SL or CF) are tabulated below along with their cost in dollars per frame single card - CF or SLI:

    $ 220.00 6950 (479/751) $ 0.46 - $ 0.59
    $ 240.00 6950 Frozr OC (484/759) $ 0.50 - $ 0.63
    $ 205.00 560 Ti (455/792) $ 0.45 - $ 0.52
    $ 320.00 6970 (526/825) $ 0.61 - $ 0.78
    $ 215.00 560 Ti - 900 Mhz (495/862) $ 0.43 - $ 0.50
    $ 340.00 570 (524/873) $ 0.65 - $ 0.78
    $ 480.00 580 (616/953) $ 0.78 - $ 1.01
    $ 725.00 6990 (762/903) $ 0.95 - $ 1.61
    $ 750.00 590 (881/982) $ 0.85 - $ 1.53

    The factory OC'd 560's offer the best bang for the buck in both single and SLI / CF situations with 43 cents per frame as a single card and 50 cents per frame in SLI
  4. Does


    and im thinking of getting the 2700k why the 2500k? I mean the i7 is better right. This was my big debate so im not sure I love watching youtube vids and they never load so.
  5. actually im not going to get the 2700k not paying 50 bucks for little difference.
  6. xzctDrewx18 said:
    actually im not going to get the 2700k not paying 50 bucks for little difference.

    You can say the same thing from an i5 2500k to a i7 2600k, but since you have the budget why not
  7. xzctDrewx18 said:


    and im thinking of getting the 2700k why the 2500k? I mean the i7 is better right. This was my big debate so im not sure I love watching youtube vids and they never load so.

    You just asked if a motherboard came with Windows 7 preinstalled. Hoping this is the wrong link. Windows 7 is stored on a hard drive which is a device that holds data. The motherboard is just a big meeting point for all the computer components so they can interact with each other. You are going to have to buy windows 7 on its own because the only way to buy it preinstalled would be to buy a regular prebuilt computer.

    Also, the i5 2500K is better than the i7 for gaming. If all you are going to be doing is gaming and some web surfing, go with the i5 2500K because the i7 would be a waste of money. If you are also going to be using photoshop, video editing, computer aided design, or virtualization then the i7 is worth the extra $50.
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