Different cas latency on ram for a my laptop

I have recently purchased a acer aspire v3-551g-8454 for gaming. It already has a 4gb stick of ram that is SO-DIMM DDR3 PC3-12800 CL-11 1.5v and I purchased a stick of Corsair 4gb SO-DIMM DDR3 PC3-12800 CL-9 1.5v. Are these going to be compatible and work together or not?
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  1. i wouldn't see that causing any problems. your bios will either automatically detect those timings, or just run the stick at the slower timings.
  2. How do I run the stick at the slower timings? And I actually am not sure if my laptops ram in 1.35v or 1.5v, if it is 1.35v and I add a 1.5v stick of ram, will this cause damage?
  3. well u said the old chip you are looking to replace was 1.5v, so i would stay with 1.5v. if you are able to, depending on the bios, you can manually set to ram timings in the bios. if you can't, it shouldn't cause you any problems.
  4. Sorry for communication problems, I meant that I have a stick of 4gb ram that came with the laptop, but it has another slot and can hold up to 8gb of ram so I am adding another to the already existing 4gb.
  5. And was wondering if my laptops 4gb of ram is 1.35v, will adding another stick of 4gb (to make it 8gb) that is 1.5v, if that will cause problems?
  6. you would want to make sure the voltages are the same. its not the end of the world if u mix timings, as they should auto clock to the slower timings.
  7. Alright, thank you very much. Will I be able to look up the actual voltages of the current ram on my laptop in the bios?
  8. depends, usually laptop bios's dont give much info.

    u mentioned u have a SO-DIMM DDR3 PC3-12800 CL-11 1.5v. is that what is says on the sticker? if thats so, its 1.5v.
  9. Thats the specs on the ram I just purchased to add to the laptop. I used crucial.com to find some compatable rams to buy, and it showed the SO-DIMM DDR3-12800 CL-11 1.5v and the same with 1.35v for compatable ram so I wasn't sure if both voltages worked, or if I had to use 2 of the same or if mixing okay.
  10. i would open the ram access hatch on the laptop and read directly off the sticker on your current ram chip, and match it.
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