Repeating WAG160Nv2 with P-660HW-T1


i have these two DSL modems:
1.Linksys WAG160Nv2
2.Zyxel P-660HW-T1

due to some softwareal and supporting problems with zyxel, i bought a Linksys modem and started using it instead. The Linksys is working perfect but i have a simple problem with the coverage range of the wireless signal :??: . So it came to my mind that i can use my Zyxle to repeat my Linksys inorder to increase the coverage area.

I asked one of my friends and he told me that this can be possible to config my Zyxel in order to repeat the Linksys from WDS section of the configuration panel.
In that section I entered the MAC address of my Linksys modemand activated it.
later I started to browse the Linksys panel to find a place to add the MAC address of the Zyxel. but I found nothing.

I would be appreciated if someone let me know how I can setup the Zyxel modem in order to repeat Linksys.

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  1. Assuming the Zyxel supports WDS (it may not, that's something you have to confirm from the manual), using WDS is often problematic.

    WDS is not a wifi standard, so implementations vary across manufacturers, and therefore incompatibilities abound. Basically, if the manufacturers are different, the chances WDS will work are so slim, it's probably doesn't matter whether the Zyxel does support WDS; it's probably only going to work with other Zyxel network devices. You can always try it, but don’t bang your head against the wall for more than a few minutes if it doesn’t.

    That’s why WDS sucks. It almost worthless unless you just happen to be using the same manufacturer for all your networking needs. Even then, the same manufacturer will sometimes change the WDS implementation w/ a new product line! WDS is just a royal PITA.

    What you really want is a “universal” wireless repeater. A universal wireless repeater uses standard wifi protocols (b/g/n) to connect as a wireless client to the remote AP and estabslishes a second wireless AP as your repeater. Because it uses standard wifi protocols, you don’t have the compatibility issues of WDS. Problem is, not all routers can be reconfigured as a universal wireless repeater. Sometimes you can install dd-wrt firmware (if your router is supported), which does support universal wireless repeater. Otherwise, you’re stuck.
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