Preferred alternative to Gigabyte Z77X-D3H?

I note that the editor suggested he might have selected a different motherboard for the $2000 build this quarter, but did not suggest which one. Given the power fluctuations mentioned in the build report and reports on Newegg of many DOA boards, does the community or the editors suggest a different board for a similar build?
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  1. Let me complicate the request a bit. I need IEEE 1394 for my old camera -- the technology may have evolved, but my old camera has not. Do I need this on the motherboard or can it be an add-on card? My earlier reading suggests it would be better on the MB. I need two PS/2 connectors--I love my old Dell keyboard and won't give it up until it dies. Some of the new boards do not have DVI, but I believe that is the preferred interface for my Dell U2410.
  2. If you are doing a new build and are going ivy bridge you will need a Z77 MoBo. Z68 does work but you need a sandy bridge processor to get into the bios to flash it for ivy bridge support this really limits you for your ieee 1394 requirement.

    The only MoBo I could find that has 2 of them is Intel BOXDZ77RE75K which runs about $259.99 on

    Hope this helps you out.
  3. Sorry i missread the descritpion on it. It has 2 IEEE 1394 ports 1 external and 1 header. Not sure what that means.
  4. Ok i looked it up. has an internal port that you can connect to so if you case has a front panel port ofr ieee 1394 you can have that one working at the front and then another one at the back.
  5. 1394a should be backwards compatible with 1394. FYI I am not updating my original answer because i am on a work computer and that feature doesn't work with this outdated version of IE at work.
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