Locked Multiplier at 44 on i7 2600k?

Anyone know what is causing this?
In my asus p8z68 gen 3 vpro when I try to put my multiplier more than 44 it doesnt change.
If I put it to 45 it just goes back to 44?
If I put it at 44 it overclocks to 4.4 ghz no problem but I can't get it to 45 or more?
My temps are max at 54 degrees C in LinX so the system is stable at 4.4ghz
My voltage was put up to 1.3volts (I didnt have to change the voltage to get it to 4.4ghz though it went on stock 1V)

What could be causing it?
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  1. Search for it at and/or to find out if any reviews report a similar issue.

    You can also post your question in the motherboard sub-forum. List your motherboard in the thread title to get the attention of other owners.
  2. Moderator can close this thread it is up in the motherboard section
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