Upgrade from gt 240 512MB "1G gt 240 ddr5 or 1G 6670 ddr3"?

I want to upgrade my card from Inno 3d GT 240 Gddr3 512MB. but m just confused between these two choices...

XFX gt 240 1G Gddr5 and XFX 6670 1G ddr3

Both have the same prices here. And m very limited to these choices as here not much products are available. i want DX11 but a lil perormance increase too :(

i do have another choice of Inno 3D GT 440 1G ddr3.

any help would be apreciated
thanks :)
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  1. Upgrading from a GT240 512k to 1Mb is vurtually no progress at all.
    Looks to me like the 6670 would be the way to go as it supports DX11. For a few $$ more you should be able to get the GDDR5 6670
  2. yes i know ddr5 is the best choice but here i am vry limited to these choices... and i just want a lil boost n DX11 actually... was just wondring that how much boost can i get from gt 240 ddr3 to ddr5... just dont want to change my history being with nvidia actually :(
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