Blank screen, No POST

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4Ghz
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR3 1333mhz
MOBO: MSI 970A-G46
HDD: WD Caviar Blue 500GB

So i was playing around in the BIOS (minor overclocking)
Reset the computer, loaded up as usual
1 beep to indicate it has POSTed
Windows loads up, screen goes blank
first instinct, reset the computer, blank screen
tried clearing Cmos, turned on computer, blank screen, no beep
reset, nothing
took out video card, nothing
took out ram, nothing (no beeps)
took out everything but CPU, nothing
By this time i notice the CPU fan was spinning way slower than normal
Put everything back in, nothing (CPU fan still spinning slower)
Noticed HDD was loading things (light on case)
let it load fully, nothing

What's going on here? and how can i fix it?
I have read other issues similar to this, their conclusions said a motherboard issue
Is mine a motherboard issue?, I'm thinking a corrupted BIOS,

in the mean time, i will try a different video card, if i can get visuals, i will try flashing the BIOS
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  1. Have you removed the motherboard battery with the power supply unplugged? Sometimes using the cmos jumper doesn't work; removing and reinstalling the button battery will reset the bios for sure. If you loaded windows in "achi" mode, be sure to set it back to achi in the sata section of the bios when you see a post screen. Ide is the default setting for most boards.
  2. Disconnected all the power cords connected to the motherboard, removed the battery for approximately 10 minutes, still nothing. As for the Sata part, i am unable to reach the bios because of nothing being displayed on the screen.

    More findings:
    no Usb devices work, however I am able to plug in a PS/2 keyboard and it does receive power.
    (Caps, num and scroll lock LEDs turn on then off like they should)
    I let the Hdd load all the way,(until the HDD LED turns off) then pressed the sleep button on the keyboard, the computer did not go to sleep, I'm thinking this means that the computer is not loading into windows.
  3. Use only the cpu/heatsink, one stick of ram, and your video card. Leave the optical and hardrives disconnected in case the hardrive is bad. No board will post without ram installed.
  4. Did exactly as you said, just the CPU, the GPU and 1 stick of Ram. I turned on the computer, i am still not getting a visual on the monitor, and there is still no beep. Anymore suggestions?

    I'm thinking of replacing the motherboard (buying a new one), would you think this is the right move?
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    Yes, if you've already checked the power supply. If you have a spare pc, I would rma the board to msi. Just tell them it doesn't post; no other explanation is necessary. It takes 2-3 weeks to get a replacement. No point in spending money you don't need to. As long as the board has no surface damage or burn marks (it will be checked carefully), they will send you a replacement board since yours isn't that old. In rare cases, you may get a different model number, but it should have the same chipset. It takes them about 24 hours to issue an rma number. I just load mine in a shipping box in the anti-static bag; keep all accessories, just write the rma number clearly on the box and ship the board. I've even used parcel post to save money. As long as you use a real shipping label (that can be scanned) you should be fine, and you can insure it if desired.
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