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212 Evo push pull setup, recommended fan?

Hello again, I have just a small question. I recently purchased a 212 Evo. I am looking for an additional fan to add to it for a push pull setup. Any recommendations from anyone else who owned one? Also, how much degrees did your temps drop after adding the second fan?
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  1. Generally there will not be any significant temputure drop by adding an extra fan for push pull. At most you might drop 2°c, but i wouldn't expect much. Ive ran push pull multiple times on both my Prolimatech Megahalems as well as my current Corsair H70 and i can say that the second fan creates little to no differance.
  2. Cougar fans are good.
  3. amuffin said:
    Cougar fans are good.

    Lol is this your new saying!
    I believe you! but i've yet to read a review on them from a any legit site i value/trust.
    Personally i'd just match up the stock fan when it's available .
    And ya you'll only get a 1-2C temp decrease.
  4. Yate Loon fans are good and inexpensive. They push a decent amount of air and are also pretty quiet especially if you use a resistor to restrict the volt to 7v. I use them exclusively.

    Fans from Nexus are also very good, but a little more expensive. In fact, Nexus cherry picks Yate Loon fans; the take the quietest ones that rolls off the conveyor belt.
  5. ^+1 true!
    I use Thermalright Silent-X = also a good quiet fan.
  6. What size fan do I need and how do I know if it's compatible with the Evo?
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    inner universe said:
    What size fan do I need and how do I know if it's compatible with the Evo?

    The Evo uses 120mm fans.
    Here's the exact match which last time i checked is only available from CM.
    I think that will change soon and most e-tailers will stock them in the future.
    I'd just wait until places like Newegg stock these at a reasonable price.
    The CM Store has ridiculous shipping fees.
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