HIS ATI Radeon HD 6950 Crossfire -- Is it worth it?

I currently already own one of these and I'm really really happy with it. And I am contemplating picking up another one to crossfire it.

But I spoke to a friend and he is'nt convinced it is really worth it.

I have an 850w psu so more than enough to support another video card and my mother board supports crossfire.

So is it worth splashing out on another card? or is it just alot of money for just a little bit more power?

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  1. YES! I just stepped up to two 6870's and I love them... Unbelievable how well they scale as long as you have the cpu power to push them. Do you have the 1gig or 2gig card?
  2. and I know you've got the 6950, but they scale just as well from what i've seen.
  3. 2 gig. I also got an overclocked i7. So definatly have the power. One thing I am worried about is heat. How am I going to keep these things cool?
  4. Personally I say crossfire all the way with the 2 gig cards. Beside that, what kind of case? Those non-reference cards do a good job keeping them cool, but don't push the air out of the case, so as long as you have good flow thru and out of the case you should be okay.
  5. Here is my case. It cools pretty well at the moment. And (as one of the commenters on it did) I could buy anouther fan and have it blowing directly onto the GPUs.

  6. I was also very good with my cable management :-) So the air flows nicely.
  7. it all matters on the rez you play at!
  8. 1900 by 1200
  9. u play 1900 by 1200 and use 2x 6870?

    whats the point, you'd be getting great performance out of a single 6870... if not a tier lower at that res.
  10. Don't get me wrong -- I am really pleased with how the card performs on its own at the moment. Just want to squeeze even more out of it.

    I found this review and apparently the 6950 scales really well.

    Normally, I wouldn't really consider it, but some one is offering it to me for £140 as opposed to the rrp of £225. And it's just really tempting.
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