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This is my first build and i'm looking into how to update my motherboard bios and I can't find a straight answer anywhere. I purchased the Gigabyte Z77X-D3H, The manufacturer's website has several versions of bios listed, F10, F14, F15, F16, and F17f. I belive the motherboard comes with F5 or F6 installed. My question is when updating the bios can you just use the latest version, which in my case would be the F16 (since F17f is a beta windows 8), or do you have to update step by step through each one? I believe you can just use the latest but I want to double check before I mess something up.


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  1. Use the latest bios version f16; it covers all previous bios updates. I just flashed my asus today, using their windows software. I had to download the bios file to my documents section and use the browse function with the asus software to flash from windows. It's a little risky, but only took about one minute.
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