870A fuzion (tripping scp?)

yesterday while trying to get farcry working again my pc shut itself
down in the middle of an install, and wont start up again.

I individually tested every component with all but the mobo
In perfect working order... when I press the power button
(on whatever pc I put it in) it lights up and the psu fan gets
about 2 spins in before it cuts out again...
I have tried resetting the CMOS by the jumper...have also tried leaving the
battery out all night... (only idea I had)

it seems as if the motherboard is activating the short circuit protection in
both the power supplies I have tested it with... ? ...or is it?

Im assuming its time to try to scrounge up some more money for a replacement?
But I wanted to make sure there was nothing that could be done first, as I would
much rather buy a new mobo after christmas when I have a little more to spare dosh.
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  1. gave up and ordered a GB 990fx ud3 last night... not sure if it even has core unlocker in bios but will see in a few hours...
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