ASRock Z77M + i5-3570k compatibilty???


This is my first post so I hope I'm doing it right!

I recently got a new i5-3570k from Newegg but the motherboard I got for it was an EVGA P67 Micro Atx that apparently doesn't support Ivy Bridge processors nor does EVGA have a BIOS update for it. I don't want to do that mistake again so I decided to ask you guys if the ASRock Z77M ( ) supports the i5-3570k WITHOUT a BIOS update; I want it to work right out of the box. I checked ASRocks CPU compatibility list and it says that it DOES support my CPU but I don't know if that is after a BIOS update or not.

Can you guys help me? I want to be extra sure it will work before i spend money on another motherboard.

Thank you
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  1. There is only one bios file listed, so yes it will run your 3570k without flashing the bios.
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    Yes the P67 chipset was made for the Sandy Bridge and some motherboard with it support the Ivy Bridge. The chipsets that you should look at for running an Ivy Bridge are the H77, and the Z77. There are other models around like the H61, Q77, B75 & the Z75. However the H77 is for a all around home user and has many popular features at a more economical price. The Z77 is for the Gamer and Enthusiast user and tend to be more expensive, so pick the chipset that fits what you want. The top 3 brands I've had the best luck with are Gigabyte, Asus, and MSI. Asrock is popular with Gamers too.
  3. Alright thanks guys
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