4101 display errors with Gigabyte 560 Ti OC

Hey there,

I've got a question regarding my graphics card, a Gigabyte 560 Ti OC.

I've been getting 4101 errors with it (driver failed and was restored) while playing games. The screen would just go black for some time, then it'd switch back to the game and I would be able to continue normally.

I did some research and it seems quite a few people are having the same problem with the 560 series. One guy on the Nvidia forums specifically suggested increasing the vcore of the Gigabyte card because the factory OC was too much for the factory Vcore value. This is supported by the fact that the card is stable when I downclock it to the standard 560 values. So I increased the vcore to 1050 from 1012 and the problems were completely gone - for about a month. Yesterday, it all started over again.

Do you guys think increasing the vcore further would be sensible? If so, by how much? I'm currently running the card on standard 560 specs again and it's perfectly stable. This HAS to be the OC, doesn't it?

Also, have I screwed up any warranty claims by fumbling around with the vcore? I mean, is it traceable?

Rest of my system:
Abit IP35-E
Intel Q9450
4 gigs RAM
Corsair VX450 PSU
1 TB Hitachi HDD
Win7 64 Bit, nothing overclocked.
Nvidia drivers v. 280.26

€: Okay, disregard anything about stable while on standard specs. It's not. I have no idea what this is. It's also not occuring in all games. Never had it in Witcher 2, Mount and Blade, Stalker: CoP. But I got it frequently in Company of Heroes and Space Marine, which are both made by relic, incidentally. As of late, it's also started happening in Firefox when watching Flash videos.
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  1. A humble bump after 2 months. I thought the problem had disappeared with the new 285.62 drivers, which I have installed, but nope, recently started playing Dead Space and it's all the same again.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Power supply problem. Start your computer with monitor cable disconnected and connect it when the computer has booted to windows. And remember to put your card on maximum power mode (no power savings).. Oddly enough, this problem is with Vista and Windows7, but not on XP on the same computer. Worked for me and my friends
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