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I wasn't able to find one, so I was starting a poll on what people think is the best RAM.
Please don't just vote fore one because that's the brand HD or PSU that you use :pfff:
Vote on the actual RAM performance or longevity.
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  1. I would also like for this to be a discussion spot, so feel free to leave a comment with your view on the best RAM, just try to keep it friendly, as this topic can get heated. :)
  2. why is there no corsair?
  3. hmm, oops

    I tried to get every one I could think in, but I can't edit it now, sorry.
  4. Honestly ram is ram. This is one of the few areas where brand dose not really affect performance too much. As long as the ram is built well they all preform about the same, now that being said i prefer corsair just because they always look sexy in my case.
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