USB PCI cards with independent hubs/controllers

I'm looking for a USB PCI card with multiple (2 or 4) USB hubs/controllers. I've managed to find a PCI-express card, but not a PCI card. This would be a card which is capable of full usb bandwidth to each of it's ports simultaneously.

Just a bit of background: I'm working on a Linux CCTV system using webcams - and some of the webcams I use have this firmware bug (feature?) where they request the full usb bandwidth, although they don't need it - as they run in mjpeg mode. They request full usb bandwidth even when running in the lowest resolution mode, and 1fps. My thinking is that if I can get a 4 port usb pci card with 4 independent controllers - the webcams will think that they have full usb bandwidth each - and I should be able to run 4 webcams at the same time. I know the overall real usb bandwidth is not really an issue - as I'm running 4 usb webcams of a different model (without the bug) on the same usb root hub at 640x480, 8fps in mjpeg mode without any problem.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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  1. umm, for PCI i can only find ones with USB 2.0, here they are:
    5 USB2.0 externals+1 USB2.0 internal

    2 USB2.0 externals+1 USB2.0 internal

    if u live in USA i suppose u could copy the name of those and search in ur favorite website, could u tell me where u are?

    EDIT: i mean what area in USA, or what country
  2. Hi goga44,

    Thanks for replying. I am in the UK.

    As per my original post, I am not after a regular USB PCI card. I need a USB PCI card with independent channels/root hubs for each port. This would give me full USB speed for each USB connector at *the same time*. Normal USB PCI cards (like the one's you've linked to) only have one USB root hub for all ports - so the speed of all ports together (if they are all in use at once) is 480Mbs (theoretical).

    An example of what I need is this card on Ebay:

    Only that I need something with PCI, not PCI-express. USB 2.0 is fine - I don't need USB 3.0
  3. Sorry man, not sure how to help u, i mean i researched all over about USB PCI cards just to help u out. hopefully after this message ur post goes up and someone more experienced can help u. although what u described sounded very interesting and complex, maybe u just cant get full speeds for every USB u insert on a normal "PCI", i think u need "PCI-E" to do that.
  4. Thanks goga44. I'm not sure myself such a beast exists for regular PCI. I've been looking for it for quite a while - and even the PCI-e is quite a rarity - but at least it exists. Thanks for taking the time.
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