Can I add/change the chipset w/ a video card on my P5g41t-mlx plus motherboard?

Hello, my dad recently bought a new motherboard because the computer crashed, and with it came a new video card, well chipset. I cant run WoW with it, and wanted to add a video card to it so i can. im a novice to computers, and cant even tell you if the motherboard is good or not. i just wana play WoW on decent settings with at least 30fps.
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  1. That motherboard has a PCI-express slot, so you can get pretty much any PCI-express video card that would fit within your budget, so how much do you want to spend.
  2. i mean, like i said i just want something that could run my game on average settings, im used to having the lowest settings and only getting 25 fps ;/ i dont mind spending decent money to make sure i can play it on higher settings
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  4. Don't bump after 2 hours.

    Need a budget though or a rough price range.
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