I just purchased an ASUS P87ZZ-M motherboad and a 3570k, I believe I've connected everything correctly, but when I put the disk in it it asks me if I want to boot from the disk or the hard drive, when I boot from the HDD it bluescreens and if I boot from the disk it comes up with 3 stupid options saying
1) Intel AHCI/RAID 32bit Driver Disk
2) Intel AHCI/RAID 64bit Driver Disk
3) FreeDOS command prompt

Then it asks me to chose from 3 of the options, I've tried all possibilities in all options but nothing works.

It says in my motherboard manual I need to enable autorun but I have no ******* idea how to do this and the stupid manual doesn't even tell you how to and I can't find out how to online nor can I find online drivers.

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  1. Hi, You're using an OS installed on a different system and that's probably why. Try setting SATA to IDE in BIOS.
    Or reinstall Windows, SATA set to AHCI and load this driver (unzipped)
    during the Windows installation.
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