How to use 100 cores in vlc player

hi this is riyas from hyd.

when i playing 1080p videos on vlc player the videos are sucking.
cpu is not using 100% cores. please help me regarding this,
how to use 100% cores for best performance on vlc player for 1080p videos.
my processor is intel core2 and 3gb ram.

thank you.
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  1. in what way are they 'sucking'
  2. What graphics card are you using?, without any additional information i can only guess Its your Video adapter (what ever it may be).
  3. Did it play OK in some point?
    Did you enabled GPU acceleration by any chance, because my play "sucking" as well if i enable.
    anyway try and set all preferences to default in player.
    and you can't whip CPU into using 100%, it uses as much as needed
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