Xigmatek promo on newegg free fans?

So i just got an email from newegg. And I noticed that with mail in rebate there is a huge selection of Xigmatek fans that are FREE. Im thinking i just might grab a couple 120 and 200mm fans for my Lian Li k59. But do you think theres any catch to this? this deal doesnt make any sense?
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  1. Hello CrysisComa;

    Do you trust Xigmatek to honor your rebate request? If so then there is no catch.

    Except, in your case (several fans) the catch about the '1 item per person, household or address' rule.
    They would have given you 1 rebate no matter how many fans you ordered.
    Read the rest of the rules and regulations (pdf rebate appliction form on the NewEgg listings).
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