BSOD possible RAM issue?


I have been experiencing random BSOD's whenever I play a demanding
videogame like BF3 and I suspect that it stems from my RAM. Earlier I had
a little accident where I splashed water into my system through the top of the case
(stupid accident ). I wiped everything down as thoroughly as possible but
now whenever I play BF3 I frequently experience the BSOD. I first figured it to
be the graphics card since I had managed to get a little bit of water on it but today I just
happened to realize while checking on my system specs that It says I have only
4GB of ram installed when I had 8GB so that leads me to the idea that my RAM is
causing these BSOD's? Also if I just browse internet and such the computer never
blue screens. I also can run Skyrim for hours on end without Blue screening. Will
memtest give me a definitive answer as to whether its RAM or not?

Thank you
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    Yes. Test each stick of your ram one at a time in the ram slot closest to the cpu. If the ram is bad, you'll get alot of errors almost immediately. Also, if your bluescreens have a ram address listed, then that's another indicator of ram problems. Handle the ram with care. Use an esd strap or at least keep your fingers off the chips as much as possible and touch the ends or top only. If you're mixing different ram sticks, then that would also cause potential problems.
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