Buzzing noise in my computer...

Hey everyone, i finally broke down and am asking for help.
Problem: I built this computer back in 2007, it's been working perfectly and it's mainly a multimedia machine (gaming, music, videos and such).
But about a year ago i started getting the "standard" nvidia bluescreen which i somehow solved (cant remember really how) but the other problem remained. There's the buzzing noise that shows up usually a few times a day and freezes my computer anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes and it's been getting really annoying and it seems as though my computer has become really slow.

I found a video on youtube where a guy has that exact noise, except my noise only last about a second then the computer freezes.

Here are my specs:
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Power supply: ATX 500W Frontier
Motherboard: MSI G41M-P28
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
Graphic card: nVidia GeForce GT240
RAM: 2x Patriot Signature c19 @1333MHz

PS: These arent the parts i built the computer with. the new ones (thus probably not the cause of the problem) are the motherboard, the power supply and the RAM.

I'll be happy to provide you with any info needed :)
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  1. i would suggest you make a post in "systems" or "windows 7" as this particular area of the forum is not as heavily traveled.

    in general you might want to provide the following additional information:

    -where the buzzing noise is coming from. psu? speakers? onboard speaker (the little disk one)? something else?

    -when was the pc working last? what happened just prior to these issues? new components, software, hardware, updates, etc

    -have you tried system restore? result?

    -have you ran a virus/trojan/malware scan? program used? latest virus definitions?


    they might be able to solve the problem without such information but the more information you can provide...the easier diagnosing issues is generally.

    the last time i had buzzing and freezing was way back on an old pos win98 machine. i dont quite remember 100% but i believe after replacing the hd and doing a fresh install the program went away. i haven't had the issues since so i'm not really much help...i would have to do the same trial and error or research that you are doing now.
  2. That's what i was afraid of...the hd dying on me...
    but anyways, you asked and now i'll answer :)

    The buzzing noise...i'm not sure where it's coming from, but i dont think it's the speaker since the onboard speaker has louder sounds and nothing such as this.
    It mainly sounds like electrical current frying something.

    the pc is on constantly, it's been made so it can withstand long work times and no hardware changes except for all the things i listed. Unless you count the fried graphic card i replaced way before the problem began.

    no system restore, to me it mostly messes things up, besides, this has got to be a hardware issue since the buzzing sounds like electricity and is not coming from the onboard speaker.

    nah, i dont keep anti-virus programs installed, but i do occasionally use them to clean the computer out.
  3. you can unplug the wafer speaker just to cross it off the list. if the sound persists you can plug it back in

    you said it sounded electrical, do you notice any smells or charring?

    have your case side off and when the sound appears try and get a roundabout location if you can...i know its not always that easy.

    yeah i think its hardware not software, but as your pc is freezing up i cannot rule it out quite yet.

    if you are connected to the internet or bring files to the computer from outside sources then you really must have protection installed. some virus strains really can do a number on a pc. some can cause slowdown/freezing and others can even destroy a hard drive. i'm not saying this is the case but its worth a look.

    when case fans start to go they can make a buzzing sound sometimes, but not an electrical sound and it wouldnt cause problems unless....its your cpu fan or northbridge fan which is going. if this is the case then there might be system stuttering or shutdowns. i know for a fact that little northbridge fan makes a whole hell of alot of noise when it went on me.

    besides that one event i listed above i've never had a hd buzz when it died on me. it could have been a fluke that it was fixed. it was relevant so i listed it.

    really all i can say is to try and isolate what is causing the problem through trial and error...the best thing would be if you could isolate where the sound is coming from.

    one major thing to check is that its not the power supply as if it goes it could fry your system.
  4. Wafer speaker?
    So far no smell or charring.
    Any other way? 'Cause my computer is kinda too far away to notice and the sound isnt all that frequent. I'll try the way you suggested but it's gonna take a while...
    The power supply is like 2 months old.
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