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hi all theres a problem with my connection , some times ( it happns a lot ) i cant access any web sites with google chrome / opera / firefox / IE , but meanwhile torrents ftp mirc downloads/uploads are working

the strange thing is that i can access web sites from old version of bitcomet (0.68 it have some basic IE browser i guess) i think cause it uses the download port to acess the web sites

is there a way to change browsers to use diff port to use ?
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  1. This sounds like a DNS problem to me. A few questions for you:

    1.) Do you use your ISP's default DNS? (If you don't know you probably do)
    2.) What happens when you type in (Google's IP) into your browser?
    3.) After performing the above action, did the page load any faster than normal?

    In short, changing your browser's default port (to my knowledge) is not possible, and if it is, it's a very nasty, brutal, bloody process whereby you must sacrifice chickens and burn witches in reverence to the Gods that may or may not be hearing your plea for networking mercy.
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