Intel Celeron 430 Processor p3 borde can insert or not

my pc is compaq presario p3 desk top i want upgard this
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  1. Hello vipinnokia;

    Does your Pentium 3 motherboard have a 775 socket?
    Celeron 430 is a socket 775 (775 pins) CPU.
    You also need to confirm your motherboard supports that CPU.
    Use CPU-z to ID the motherboard make and model. It will be listed on the Mainboard tab.
  2. Example of the CPU-z Mainboard tab
  3. that i think my old p3 processor is pin type' 933 mh cloke rate'.now am using celron 564 mh i dont know how many soket pins are ther .? my ram is sd ram
  4. Celeron 564Mhz?
    I found a Celeron 566Mhz and it's socket 370 (370 pins)

    -> Run CPUz and find out what CPU and motherboard you have?
  5. Celeron 566Mhz and it's socket 370 (370 pins) yes thats my processore .now am not in my home thats why i cant instal cpu-z oky i tell you my borde details after retern my home. now can you give me solution ?
  6. Seriously? why is anyone bothering to answer this? Your system belongs in a mesuem. Just get a new system
  7. vipinnokia said:
    now can you give me solution ?
    Without board details? No.
    Board details first. Then come the upgrade options.
  8. oky . you know my oprating system is xp pack 2. my pc boot with in 40 secont can you beleve?
  9. This is my borde details can i upgarde my pc

    MODLE ; 06C0H NONE
    CHIPSET ; INTEL i810e rev A 3



    VERSION ; 686C3 DATE 03/ 05/ 2001
  10. The I810e was the worst chipset around when the P3's were in the spotlight. It should work with any p3 that is in the 370 package. The I810e being the value chipset of its day only had direct agp support which was another way of saying onboard graphics only which relies heavily on CPU resources. I will have to say this you are wasting time and money with a P3 you will not be able to do much of anything with it.
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    That system is probably over 10yrs old.
    Are you already using the Pentium III 866 MHz or 1000 MHz CPU?
    Upgrade not recommended unless you can do it for almost no cost.
  12. oky i got it which celrone processore can insert my borde ?
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