Running XP64 on i7-3xxx

I love my XP and can't get along with W7_64 on my i7-3930k (12 HT-Cores, 16g ram, ssd).
If I run XP64, which limitations does that mean? As far as i found there is only "no automatic SSD swiping", 16g ram works.

Are there any power saving modes or cpu speed modes that XP64 doesn't support or anything else?

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  1. Hello entenfan;

    Does your motherboard have WinXP drivers?
  2. WR2 said:
    Hello entenfan;

    Does your motherboard have WinXP drivers?

    Yes, it's an Asus P9X79 deluxe.

    Concerning the cpu there is the intel inf-package, but as far as i know there are chipset-specific and not cpu-specific files.

  3. What do you find to be the problems with win7, i'm surprised that XP 64 is stable enough, didn't it have shedloads of problems?
  4. It's a personal thing. I just can't get used to its clicking beviour in the explorer and menues.

    So, as far as I understood You are not aware of any disadvantages like the scheduler can't handle 12 cpus or turbo mode of the cpu has to be supported by os?
  5. I am not no, but it doesn't mean there aren't any.

    I've noticed no difference to be honest with you.
  6. If you can't stand W7 interface, switch it back to XP mode and you get the best of both worlds.

    XP64 should handle you kit, only problem is future updates from Microsoft.
  7. Last I checked, XP64 had basically zero driver support. I'd say it's time to suck it up and get used to Win7.
  8. XP64 was a "test" OS. Maybe on your rig you can solve all the "small" problems that appear but on a larger scale, ive never seen it well deployed. It would always have various problems with most applications and would have strange behavior. Like said before, just go for W7 or V64 and remove Aero.

    Or you can install Server 2008 R2. Everything works perfectly, never look back. I currently game on it, have a small "lab" assembled, Teaming, Raid, CF everything works like a charm. Boot times can increase a bit, depending on the server roles installed, but hey, its does a lot more than just a W7 Pro/Business/Ultimate Version. Has a really small memory footprint too. W7 Drivers work with no problems.
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