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Hi. Im looking for a good cheap mechanical keyboard. Does anyone have recommendations? i was looking at this one. Any thoughts? Thanks :lol:
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  1. A cheap one? Just get a keytronics like15$ on amazon which is almost same as this one just its in gray
  2. Agree with Tennis.. you can get some pretty cheap ones..

    On the other hand.. if you got the spare changes and want to be a BAMF.. get this one
  3. If I ever need to use a mechanical keyboard, the keyboard I have that came with my first Gateway that's like 15 years old still does the trick. :lol:

    here you go only 18$ with prime
    black colored too! :)

    I have an azio levetron so i love mec.
  5. Depends on what type of keyboard youre looking for

    Are you a gamer that needs the keyboard
    -how many g/macro keys you need
    -overclocking? LCD display helps a lot
    - modular
    -Mechanical blue(noisy clicky) black(not as smooth quiet)

    Depends what you need

    if youre just looking for a good feeling keyboard yes that DAS keyboard is really nice
    cheap mechanical i linked you above
  6. I was told that blue is the loud one and the crowd favorite. What are the differences between the colors?
  7. Heres what I suggest

    Razer Blackwidow- blue
    Azio levetron- black
    Das- board cherry brown(typing stances without any design)
    Logitech if you want an LCD for views although its soft keys
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