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I have an Asus K50IN laptop, which I recently took apart to clean it from dust, during that I screwed apart the cooling system, hard drive, SD card reader chip and CD/DVD-player device. (And I just took them apart from the PC, not individually apart, so that I could just be able to reach more places inside laptop's interior.) Then I put everything back the way they were, and also applied new thermalpaste to CPU and GPU. When I turn the PC on, it goes OK, works all the way 100%, but when I restart it, it boots 'til the Asus logo, but then suddenly shuts down, when I start it up again from Power switch, it also dies at almost the same spot, and this process continues as long as I restart it right after previuous crash. Now the interesting part is that when I let my laptop rest for a couple of minutes for example, or even couple of tenths seconds, it starts OK, and everything works. But as soon as I want to restart, this scenario happens again.
I have freshly formated Windows 7 which worked just fine, but then I took it apart, and this restart-startup problem occoured. And when it wants to shutdown then it will, it doesn't matter if I reach BIOS menu, or boot menu, with F2, F12 keys on my pc. I have done startup repair but no use.
Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Hello Mcarno;

    It would seem to me that you didn't get everything back 'exactly' as it was prior to you opening the case and doing the work you mention.

    But I'm having a hard time figuring out what the problem might be. The 'rest for a couple minutes (or even couple of tenths seconds), it starts OK' thing kind of suggests it's power related? But that's just a wild guess and I can't think of anything that would cause that.
  2. Hi :)

    I own a laptop repair comapny and we see this sort of thing a LOT :(

    Anyone can take a PC apart in a few minutes....

    It takes a PRO to take a lappy apart and put it back together correctly...and it takes a LOT longer than a few minutes...

    Take it to a laptop repair company and explain EXACTLY whata you did and pay them to fix it....

    DO NOT attempt to do it yourself now or you will make it worse...or even turn it into scrap...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. i am facing the same problem only that my laptop has never been opened at all, this just started recently on its own. i dnt think its over heating because if you leave it on for hours it dsnt go off the problem starts when you do a restart, it will switch on and run for a few seconds but neva even makes it to the windows logo just shuts down in BIOS no errors, no beeps, nothing. leave it for a few minutes and it works fine for hours without shutting down.
  4. I should have posted a response earlier, but I found a solution to my problem. I discovered that some Windows updates were causing this startup failure. So I did system restore and blocked automatic updates. Basically using trial and error method, it would be possible to find out the exact bad update, but I dont bother.

    Anyways all that means, that I did manage to take laptop apart and put it back together without screwing things up and didn't have to pay expensive money to some PC repair guys. :kaola:
  5. mine looks more like a hardware problem because it just lights up for maybe 3or 4seconds just enough for me to see the BIOS and even if i try and enter into setup it still shuts down. :sweat:
  6. ezra_04 said:
    mine looks more like a hardware problem because it just lights up for maybe 3or 4seconds just enough for me to see the BIOS and even if i try and enter into setup it still shuts down. :sweat:

    I think this could most likely be cooling related issue. The only option probably is to take it to repair company :/
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