im about to order my cpu but was wanting to ask you guys for some advice, ive been looking into the 8120 but the last few days ive kinda started to step back from it and get a lower cpu that way when newer ones come out i can jump on and get it when its released. the few cpu's ive been looking at include,

fx6100 $140
ph II 960T x4 $150
ph II 975 x4 $125

i will most likely overclock it with a hyper 212+ and i dont game at all, i just mess around with autocad/photo/video shop alot, besides the regular web surfing.

im wanting to go with the fx but was wondering if they were easy to overclock? im going to crossfire with two 6850s, i wont get a bottleneck? please let me know!! ordering tonight!!!!
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  1. Hello blakecarter;

    "i dont game at all" and "im going to crossfire with two 6850s" is very contradictory.
    Whats the reason for 2x 6850s in Crossfire?
  2. i got both of them very cheap so i figured id run them. i do have battlefield 3 but it just collects dust cause i dont really like to game but every now and then i might pull it out. i dont game enough to make this rig around gaming if you know what i mean.
  3. Maybe a bit off topic but I am shopping around for a CPU + MB now and boy does Intel beat up the AMD. Wanted AMD APU, great if you are only a gamer but anywhere into video coding or even general PC use - Intel all the way. Checked benchmark over benchmark, all same, AMD on bottom of every list (unless you are a broke gamer and willing to use APU only). IMO upgrade to Intel LGA 1155, it'll be around for another year or two and you'll get good bang for your buck (you can always sell your AMD setup to get some funds, right?).
    Good luck!
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