Ati HD5770 No Display on Lcd ~help!~

hi guys,

i've setup a desktop for my friend with an asus p5q-e mobo & hd5770 grafix card all being powered by corsair tx750 psu but when i turn the computer on nothing come's up on the lcd (dvi to vga connection) but the desktop post's and boots right into windows. when ever i try other cards they all work and the lcd will come up but its just this hd5770 card. the strange thing is that when i try this card in another comouter it worked just fine. any suggestions?

pic of setup:

sorry for the poor quality pic i just took it with my bb

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  1. card has a problem .....
    if it needs external power PIC express power plug it with 2 different power wire from the power supply very important !
  2. card has no probl, i found out that it just won't work with the board at all
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