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Intel core i5 2320 vs 2400 vs 2500 vs 2500k??

Is there a big difference in performance for gaming?

i am on budget and and configuring in india.....
i dont know much about overclocking............also tell me will it be required to do it ??

Also - how much better is the i5-2500 (k and non k) than the rest? Is it worth it to pay more and get the 2500 over the 2400/2320? Or will the 2400 or even the 2320 suffice for gaming with a nvidia gtx 560 or gtx 560 ti?

i am thinking for 2320...... will it do justice to all the high requirement games like battlefield 3 , crysis 2 , metro 2033 etc.........i want to be on a low budget but at same time want best performance and no bottlenecks on processor issue......plz also tell me whether 1 gb gtx 560 wil do the work or i should go for gtx 560 ti only.
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  1. If you don't buy 2500k , than buy i5 2300 or i5 2400.Any of these cpu's will be good for gaming.
    560Ti is much better than 560.
  2. Starting off with the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K; the "K" is an unlocked processor that allows you to easily overclock the processor to well over 4GHz. This ability to overclock gives the Intel Core i5-2500K a major performance advantage over any of the other processors if you use it.

    As to the question of will the Intel Core i5-2500, i5-2400, or i5-2320 work in a gaming system? Yes they will work just fine, but when you look at it is only $40 US difference in prices from the Intel Core i5-2320 to the Intel Core i5-2500K and you get the ability to really get a great deal more performance it end up being money well spent.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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    Toms just had an article up that showed the i5 2400 was the best gaming CPU for $200 and under.,3120.html

    The 2400 hands down is the winner. If ur into o/c ing then i'd suggest a K series, otherwise a 2400/2500 will suffice. Also. BF3 benifits from more cores, so a quad over a dual is suggeseted IMO.
  4. If you don't want to OC just get the cheapest one. The difference is quite marginal. I wouldn't pay more than $5-$10 tops for the 200 MHz differences Intel has specced.
  5. The biggest difference is each higher model is slightly faster then the one before. In addition, the k series chips (2500k) is overclockable, where the others aren't.
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