The haf x is huge

i just got it in today and wow this thing is big i could only imagine a cosmos 2,any tips on this case for when i order my electronics?
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  1. Don't order small parts?
    They'll look twice as small in that huge case.
  2. install the cpu into the mobo first
    you can install the cooler outside of the case and then install the whole package (cpu, heatsink, ram)

    if your case has a backplate window you can install the cooler while the motherboard is in the case

    next hard drives, cable management

    video card

    more cable mangement

    did i say cable management?
  3. i plan to do a full test boot outside the case before putting anything in lol,ill do that then install the mb psu vid card ssd then optical drive
  4. Plan on memtesting your ram right away.
    Nothing worse then finding out later(inconvenient) you got a bum stick.
  5. yea that would suck lol will add that to the to do list with the vid card overclocking with msi afterburner overclocking prime 95 3dmark
  6. you think your case is big try looking for the Silverstone TJ11 supercase.

    now thats BIG, 3 inches higher and from front to back 8 inches and 3 inches wider.

    my mate has the HAFX942 and my case makes his look like a mid tower :S
  7. i would have gone with a cosmos 2 but the spot i have for the case isnt wide enough lol
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