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I am not sure if it's a video card issue or not. I turn my computer on, the monitor stays black. If I turn my computer on, it goes trys to turn on but then a message pops on the screen and it says "No connection"?? Can't bring up anything on the monitor, not even menu. Any ideas????
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  1. if theres is a initial startup beep then your computer is working and the graphics card is
    most likely the problem , unless the connector from the graphics card to the monitor is torn(probably not the case)
  2. Chances are you have a power supply problem if the cables are plugged in correctly you may have to replace your power supply.
  3. I have replaced the power cords, and had the video graphics card checked. All checks out alright. Which leads me to believe that my mother board is gone and a new computer is in my future. YUCK!!
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