Problems with newly built computer.

Hi guys.
Yesterday I just finished building my first PC, and it works well for the most part except for a few problems i'm having.

Whenever I turn it on, all the fans start spinning, lights come on for about 3 seconds and then it just stops, it stays this way for about 5 seconds before all the fans start spinning again. It does this once or twice before it makes the beeping noise and starts up fine and runs well.

The other problem i'm having is when I leave it on for a while and i'm not using it, it goes to sleep which normally would be fine except for it wont fully go back on. I click the mouse button, the mouse lights up for a fraction of a second then goes black, the computer lights up and everything is working in that regard, except my monitor doesnt recognize that something is plugged in and just stays blank.

I'm not sure what the causes are to these problems and i'm a little bit nervous about opening it up again in case I screw something up and make it even worse XD.

Specs incase you need them: core i5 2500k, gigabyte gtx 570, Asusp8z68-v, 8gbs ram and a corsair tx750w.
PS: I hooked everything up together outside of the case first and it did the same on and off again thing.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Set up , not hardware most likely

    What ,if any, choices did you make in BIOS?
  2. I don't think i've made any choices in the BIOS. Should i have?
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