Need Video Card: 2560x1600, 1080p, Low Heat, Small


I am looking for a graphics card that will support 2560x1600 resolution for my Dell 3007 monitor and also 1080p decoding for watching movies.

My current Asus 9600GT is too big and generates too much heat. These are the problems I'm looking to fix.

I don't do any gaming at all.

Any suggestions? Any thoughts appreciated!


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  1. Why not the 5750 or 5770?
  2. He's already using a 9600GT......
    He may not be Gaming, but he's certainly fond of HD Movies......
    Instead of putting a few bucks in a really low range card that has no scope, he might as well put his few bucks in a mid or entry level card that atleast does the basics pretty easily and well.
    It's just a suggestion. My PoV
  3. He's using a older version of the 9600GT by Asus, I think, Which used to have the need for extra Power, I guess must be the first few revisions. They did get hot then and now more so ever.

    Especially nowadays, when we sit and watch HD Videos and Movies , I think, the GPU's do get hot, older versions will certainly get hot.
    The 57's have really very cool heatsinks and keep the cards really very cool. I'd be scared of buying a passive cooled card either way.

    And :) he finds his 9600 Big 'cos he has not seen the MARS II as yet....:)
  4. for nvidia

    240 gt but lack of Dx 11 and blueray 3D

    for ATI, 5670/6570/6670 (depend on ur budget)

    all these don't produce too much heat and will fullfill htpc roll very well.
  5. i say go with the 5670
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