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I am looking for a new and useful material within the computer case area. It's for a school assignemnt. The material can be used in anything in the case but must be new and useful for some reason. Also needs to be reasonable in the price region.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi :)

    Kevlar...make the case bulletproof ??

    All the best Brett :)
  2. make a acrylic computer case and have the internals run in oil :D
  3. Fiberglass, light and super strong. Circuit boards are made of fiberglass imagine a whole case of it. hell you could put power traces ON the case itself and then just solder in connectors to tap into power. No more wires.
  4. The assignment is about suggesting a material that could be used somewhere in the process of building computer cases commercially.
    Kevlar - Not for commercial use (But would be awesome to see a youtube video of someone trying to shoot his comp xD)
    Acrylic - I don't think that's considered new when it comes to computer cases
    Fiberglass - Sounds interesting, gonna read some more about it

    Thanks for all the replies, keep 'em coming!
  5. Gold is easy to
    Anyway, you can use recycled plastic or wood
    Good luck.
  6. I'm thinking ceramic would be really awesome too. Ceramic is really good for a lot of things.
  7. I don't know if wood/plastic would count as new. Is there any special reason for wood not being used especially much in commercially sold cases?

    How is ceramic useful in a case? Any examples?
  8. Hemp ?
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