Please choose a motherboard for me for gaming

am about to get a gtx 660 (non ti) and wondering about the mobo
i guess am getting a i5 CPU, those are some of mobo's i picked
that's a gigabyte h61 with free memory witch i need too
that's a gigabyte z77 with free memory
that's a msi z68 without memory so i will need to buy it alone

witch one is the best for me ?
will i need more the 8gb for memory in future(do i need a 4 ram slots) ?
is the Intel g620 good for me
is any Intel i3 good for me
will i need ivy or sandy bridge
will i need to overclock in the future
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  1. I would suggest finding a as rock pro3 or pro4 board and getting a cheap 8gb kit of RAM

    The gigabyte board isn't that bad but be war end if you get a z68 or h61 board you will need to update the bios which I am positive you don't have a sandy bridge CPU if this is your first build
  2. i can get my friend's thats not a big deal
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