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CPU Might be overheating

Hi guys. I've a amd phenom II 955 (not overclocked) and I've been experiencing some random freezes. First I blamed the drivers, after I tought it might be the psu and even a hard drive although all are brand new. But I realized that this freezes used to happen when the processor had full load even sometimes if it was a brief moment. So I made a test, I went to my bios and I turned off the option that allows the board to turn down the processor's voltage if it was overheatting, then I started battlefield 3 and after checking the temps a windod pop up saying that there was a detected overheating and than the system would turn off in 5 seconds.

What is strange is that core temp says idle temps around 49 to 54 C while amd overdrive tells a different story, around 60 to 65C

What do you think?, could be overheating or just some board utility issue. Thank you
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    I would reset your BIOS settings to default by removing the battery and jumpering the CLR CMOS pins for 5 seconds. Replace jumper and battery.
    See if the problem still occurs with the BIOS at default. If you are not OC'd and your case has good ventilation, overheating shouldn't be an issue with that processor. Unless it's faulty.

    Then clean your system of resource wasting crap and registry errors with CCleaner. Do the CLean and Defrag both.
  2. Hey man thanks a lot, sorry I didn't repply sooner but for some reason the webpage didn't send me an email notifying me. Well I'm sure it's overheating 'cause I installed the fan myself, first it doesn't say it's amd so I tink it's some crappy imitation from the stock fan, and second the thermal paste had been used 3 times before without any replacement, just that I didn't know it matter until now. I'll buy an aftermarket fan (cooler master hyper 212 evo) and I just hope the freezes end with it. Thanks a bunch!
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