How to automatically start my laptop after power comes back


my laptop doesnt have a battery and their are frequent power cuts several times a day ranging fron 20 mins to an hour

Is their any setting by which i can power on my laptop automatically as power comes back

I have a 6 year old hcl laptop though it was the best configuration available in market when i purchased it.

its got a pheonix bios

please give some valid suggestions
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  1. If you don't find that setting in the BIOS, then it can't be done. It normally isn't required for a laptop because the battery keeps it going while there's a power outage. Why don't you install a battery? That way you wouldn't have to worry about power outages.
  2. mine laptop is a old one and i dont want to spend any more money on this as i am planing to to buy a new computer in an year till then any solution please tell me
  3. The only solutions are to buy a battery or connect it to a UPS.
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