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Should I go for i3 or i5 processor

Hi , Im new here..Im upgrading my pc & im totally confused whether to buy i3 or i5 processor & im totally tight on budget..

I have 15,000 INR & i just need a processor , motherboard & RAM..

Nothing else is required , since i have a 1tb HDD , DVD writter , 21" LED monitor & 1gb nvidia GTX 260 graphics card...I have also orders CM HAF cabinet which come in 4-5days.

I just want pro , mb & RAM for 15,000 INR & could throw in a couple of 2,000 INR extra upto a max. of 20,000 INR...

I will be using this build for GFX(highly) & for gaming.

(P.s : My pc would be turned on 24x7 due to rendering & stuff)

So , can you guys guide wether to go for a i3 or i5..
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  1. If you are going to be doing a lot of rendering, then a quad core i5 would help decrease the time necessary to render... unless whatever program you are using only uses 2 cores.

    Also, the i5 can provide better performance in games that uses more than 2 cores.
  2. Would i5 helps better than i3 ?? Because , i'll play games while its rendering in background..
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    More cores means better multi-tasking. Therefore, if you are going to play games and render at the same time, then you definitely want the Core i5.
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