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Doubt about Badges??

In my Status & Badges , it is showing that "You have 1 « best answer » in this section." for both windows 7 & windows 95/98/Me section. But still i'm not awarded with any badges?

Is this a bug? Please Help :(
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  1. You need 10 best answers for a badge in that section, and 5 badges (at least for bronze, not sure how it works for the others) to get a bronze hammer that is displayed in all parts of the forum just left of your username.

    The actual bug is that it won't tell you that you have 10 best answers. When you have more than one it says "You have (x>1) « best answer » in this section", regardless of how many you actually have. So you just have to keep track of them yourself for now. They are being recorded by the system, they just don't get reported properly on the page.
  2. Thanks for the reply..
    10 Best answers?????
    Good god :) Hmmm..

    What 's the procedure to upgrade form bronze ---> silver ---> Gold badges??

    I've Freshman Badge now? How can i become sophmore??

    Some better descriptions/ explanations may help people yo know more about badges :)
  3. There used to be descriptions, but it was mostly just the thresholds to the next level.

    For the Fresh/Soph/Senior route, you have to comment on a news post for a few months in a row. I'm going to take a guess that it's 1 month for Freshman, 3 months for Sophmore and 6 months for Senior.

    The best way to think about it is that you can see what the first badge is (or at least how to get it), so the higher levels you just have to do it more or regularly.
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    Hold your mouse over the name of the badge (example, Sophomore) and it will tell you the requirement to earn that badge. Note, the counter at left only says "one or more" and there may be a delay after earning.
  5. saran008 said:
    What 's the procedure to upgrade form bronze ---> silver ---> Gold badges??

    Silver is 50 best answers, gold is 150 best answers. As for the hammers, I don't know how they work beyond the bronze one, but I'd assume it requires 5 silver or gold badges overall.
  6. the platinum badge requires 500 best answers
  7. I think the number of best answers for each badge is less for some of the lower traffic subforums.

    (Electronics Goes 5 > 20 > 50)
  8. ^yeah for pretty much everything below graphics&displays
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