Amd phenom z 940 3ghz (125w)

Hello. I have an amd phenom II x4 z 940 3ghz on an MSI KA780G. the problem is my mobo, it crashed.
So i have to get a new one. the point is is i can't find a lot of am2+ that support 125w cpu. can i use other socket mobos (am3 or am2+ with less power) with any bios upgrade? any suggestions?
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  1. I would suggest you get a cheaper am3+ motherboard and some cheap DDR3.
    This leaves you with an upgrade path as the new AMD cpu's all currently use the AM3+ socket.

    Heres some decent lower end boards. Please double check the cpu support list as all I did was check for 125w support and not your specific processor.

    Asus 760G no frills for $60

    Gigabyte 880G board for $72 features usb3 and sata2 and is raid capable.

    ASRock 970 Extreme for $90 features usb3 sata3 & esata port

    And heres 4gb of Mushkin DDR3 for $22
  2. thanx for the reply. all these mobs are for am3/am3+ can a am2+ get on this socket?
    on the support list i saw, none of them was a am2+
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