I need your help experts.

I am having an issue with my computer, for the past 3 weeks it does not boot up or load windows. i just keep getting the blue screen, ever time its a new error or sometimes it restarts so fast i cant even see the error code. i usually gets to the loading windows screen then restarts.

asus p5nd motherboard (refurbished)
q6600 2.4
500 gb hdd
corsair 750w psu
8 gb corsair xms ram

I reinstalled windows 7 to try and fix the problem and that did not work. i also bought new ram and that did not work. My guess is the motherboard but IDK. Also from the first day i purchased the asus mobo it never beeps is that normal for the p5nd. I need your help or advice. Thank you your advice and help will be much appreciated.
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  1. Did you make sure the motherboard BIOS settings were set to default? Also if there are any FSB pins or such on the motherboard, make sure they are set to the proper setting for your system. From what I hear, it could be any number of hardware issues. Since you replaced the RAM it's obviously not that. Possible issues include Graphics and Motherboard.
  2. Bios is at default i reset the bios all pins are correct. No difference. also replaced the battery. Still no difference.
  3. Flash the bios, then try booting it with just one ram. Try one ram in all 4 slots.
  4. i already tried that, did not work.
  5. HI :)

    Run a hard drive test in DOS...Hirens cd etc....

    All the best Brett :)
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