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I have updated my BIOS version to 1708 which is the latest version provided by ASUS and I have installed win7 x64. After updating the BIOS I found out that the system power on automatically. I cannot find any option in BIOS settings which control the automatic start up or schedule start up. please help me find out where the problem comes from because now I have to switch the power totally after shutdown to prevent system automatic power on.
all the options in the BIOS are their default except iGPU which I have enabled.

system configuration is:
CPU: Intel core i7 3770
RAM: 16Gb (4x4Gb) 1600 Apacer
motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V
VGA: Asus Geforce 560 TI TOP 2Gb
Hard1: Seagate 64m cache 7200 rpm 1T SATA III (6Gb/s)
Hard2: Maxtor 80Gb SATAII (3Gb/s)
Power: 600W thunderbolt
Chassis: CoolerMaster
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  1. Hi,
    Have you tried reverting to the old BIOS version?
  2. alexoiu said:
    Have you tried reverting to the old BIOS version?

    I didn't have this problem with old BIOS version but after upgrade I haven't downgrade it again to test that the issue still exist with old one or not. I will test it. but if the problem comes out from new version what should I do? I cannot update my BIOS? the new version has some problem? or I think there is any option which I do not know it is controlling this option!
  3. I would firstly try the old version, just to make sure it isn't related to the new one.
    And one more thing. If the system works OK, it's not recommended to update the BIOS.
    A new version is meant to address some compatibility issues and in some cases to update controllers firmwares.
    In most cases, updating the BIOS would not improve the performance of the PC.
  4. the BIOS updater software (ASUS suite II) give me an error when I want to downgrade the BIOS version. It cannot downgrade BIOS firmware may be I have to use other softwares for this but they have more risk. there is not any other solution except downgrading BIOS firmware?
  5. The flashback should allow you to downgrade it.
    Rename the file as Z77VB.CAP, save it on a FAT formatted USB stick, shut down the PC, but leave the power supply on.
    Insert the stick in the Flashback USB port (check the manual for the right port) and press the Flashback button for 3 seconds.
    Take care that flashing the BIOS is always rsky, so if you decide to do it, don't blame me if something goes wrong.
  6. it a know issue with the asus mb. you dont have to download the bios. unplug the pc from the wall. let the mb drain then clear the cmos. if the issue still there use the usb flashback but use the newest bios and reflash the bios.
  7. alirezak...I have the P8Z77-V Pro and was having the same problem. Another post on this forum provided the solution. Go into your BIOS - Advanced - APM - ErP Ready. Enable ErP ready. Something to do with WiFi creating a boot up...( I can't remember the details why this works ). Anyway that worked for me! Good luck.
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