Help with freezing

First here's my setup

Antec Three Hundred Black Steel Case
I5-3570k Processor w Intel 4000 Graphics
Western Digital WD VelociRaptor WD5000HHTZ HD
G.skill Ripjaw 8g(2x4) F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL RAM
COUGAR A-Series A560 (CGR B3-560) 560W PSU
Nvidea GTX 560 TI Video card
Windows Ultimate sp1

I'm getting random screen lockups, but mostly when I resume from sleep or install programs/uninstal/access the hard drive. At first I thought i was ram, but changed with known good ram and still getting a freeze. I ran a western digital drive check, and first ran came back all clear for the hard drive. Tried to run again, and now the comp locks up every time. No BSOD, no error message, the screen just slowly freezes over. You can hit the start button at first, but as you try and open any files it just slowly keeps locking up until I have to hard reset.

-Could this be a bios issue with ram timings? I still slightly suspect a ram issue since its somewhat a random occurance.

-Bad MOBO? bios is updated and its automatic settings, but seemed like the box was open when I ordered from NEWEGG.....

-Could my hard drive be bad? I feel like its losing connection or something as it just completely stops spinning when the lockups occur.

Overwise I would think it would have to be some other hardware issue. Any help is appreciated. Just trying to rule out memory and motherboard errors until I can swap out the hd and see if that does anything.

*also have ran memtest on both ram stick seperate and together and got no errors, 5 passes with each run.

**My temp never gets abov 55C when gaming and all I really play is sc2. Doesn't seem to be effected by load.

***Also am getting nothing in the windows event log, just windows shutdown was unexpected. Have reinstalled windows 3 times now.
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  1. you seem to know a lot about computers so i wont get into the nitty-gritty ... check if your harddrive and video card word fine , in these are in tact and running smooth i would then assume that you have a problem with your motherboard :( ... like i said these are all assumptions... Like i said , target your HDD+VidCard then mother board , you might want to also check if your running raid 0-1 or none , this might determine the problem if it is indeed your Hard Drive...
  2. The mobo is what I am afraid of! Luckily its all within 30 days so I can return it for rplacement just don't wanna go throught the hassle. I have actually just removed the video card and running hd graphics 4000 now. Going to try a different hard drive tonight and see if that works/ solves the problem. I don't believe I am running raid, will have to check the bios, I assume thats where you would specify to run raid (my knowledge on raid is not the best)? Everything I know I have researched in order to build this comp (first build) so I'm still pretty fresh lol.

    Thanks for the reply!
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