My 24 pin power supply cord doesnt fit into my z77 board


I recently purchased an awesome asus board from newegg. when i go to install it to my powersupply - it doesnt fit! it seems like there is an extra height discrepancy in the middle areas where the two connect.

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this matter - I did some research and there shouldnt be any compatibility issues as far as I'm concerned, but I thought I should get a better opinion.

here are the two:


I bought a 24 pin extension cable just to see where the problem is. Am I going about this the right way? some help!
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  1. Should be compatible, it only has one 20+4 pin, you sure you just have it oriented incorrectly or not pushed all the way in?
  2. The four pin of the 24 pin should have an edge that clips to the 20 pin block, as said you have to make sure it is orientated right if you are having problems, the blocks are keyed to only fit one way around.
  3. I know it sounds like a dumb question, but I have tried both orientations. It isnt going all the way through - particularly in the middle regions-not to mention the board keeps bending excessively when I apply that much force
  4. Can you possibly post pics of the MOBO port and the plug you are trying to use?? Rosewill is a pretty junk PSU brand BTW. I think what I had to do when I was plugging my 24pin in (I have the same MOBO) was to either do the 20 pin first and then the 4 pin or vice-versa, you should be able to get the pins in seperately at least.
  5. Have a close inspection of the 20 pin, and the 4 pin make sure it has no keys in it, it will be a little bit of plastic covering one of the pins on the block leaver it out with a flat screw driver tip if there is one in the block. As it is an Atx 2.3 standard PSU, it may be have a key that needs to be taken out. Make sure the psu is off at the wall first. If its bending and not fitting in its likey the cause.
  6. Yup it looks liked its keyed on the Pin to the left of where the plastic latch is to lock it to the 24 pin socket of the board take the plastic cover off it if so. on the PSU end before trying to connect it to the board`s 20 pin. Make sure you have not bent the gold pins in the socket on the board where the 20 pin, and four pin go. its likely you have bent the one that was keyed so you may have to straighten it with some small nose pliers.
    Again make sure everything is off at the wall socket before you do this.
  7. Thanks alot for the advice! Both of you have been very helpful!
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