Pc not working help please

Okay this is my problem.
When I turn on my pc hard disk does not work sometimes.Sometimes the hard disk LED don't light up at all.Sometimes mother board logo shows up and then stucks and sometimes it stucks in boot screen.what happens as I see is hard disk stop working randomly.But I tried with another harddrive and the problem continues.
Heres the wiredest part when it stuck in some place if I reboot the pc not even the motherboard logo showup.Longer I don't try to turn on the pc bigger the chance of working once I try.
I had the same problem 6 months ago, I don't know how but it automaticaly fixed and worked fine for sometime.
I already tried reseting bios.even the mb logo don't show up fans work fine and beeps when ram is removed.Also I tried repluging cables.
Please help me to fix this.
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More about working please
  1. Ok... So what i get out of this is that the LONGER you leave the system off. The bigger chance it has of working properly right?

    If that's true. Then it sounds like something is getting to hot. Check your Temps, also make sure you have good airflow.. Nothing blocking it like cords etc.
  2. Hi.thanks for the reply.
    You see, if i try to turn on pc 2 times same day, it never works.If i try like after one week it works, at least to any place I said above.Anyway if it somehow pass the boot screen it works perfect until shutdown no matter how long I keep it live.
    I did n't notice any difference in temperature.

    I have so far checked the ram cards,vga,hard drive and power supply.They seems to be ok.
    Also the dvdrom can be open when pc is stucked, so I tried changing the sata cables but no luck.
    Can a RAT or a virus cause a hardware malfuncting?
  3. Sounds like a brown out. Power issues will cause a computer to work buggy. What power supply are you using, have you had any house power issues before it acted up and are you on an UPS?
  4. Sorry, your post hit while I was typing.

    Power supply: If your PS has multiple rails one of them may have started to fail and the PS would still work in most respects.

    Hard disk: when you changed this out did you change it with a brand new unit, or another used disk? Disks don’t go bad quickly but when they do its rather dramatic.
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